Online Success


Success Tools Explained.

Before I explain anything . Do you know that you can make $100 for selling just one very demanded item online.

I will explain how this can be achieved later. First let me inform you of the three must have tools if you need to succeed online.

1. A website. (Well Designed)

How to get one.
a. You can create your own or you can hire someone to design for you. I recommend you use XsitePro Website Creator if you want to do it yourself It is easy to use and requires no IT or programming knowledge. You will get a site and edit it as per your needs

b. Free website - Get one from OOOwebhost.
Free Website Hosting

c. Hosting plans t
hat includes a site Builder

2. A paypal Account

I know most people fear using the internet to make online payments but those of you who know PayPal can tell you how safe it is to use PayPal. Open a free PayPal account and use it for all your online payments. PayPal is an e-payment method and works in a way similar to the Kenya's Mpesa, Safaricom should launch E-pesa.

Many banks have blocked their cards for online transactions but the few clever ones enjoy the commissions E.g. In Kenya you can use your Co-op Bank debit card (ATM card) to buy goods online, to open a paypal account and you can buy anything you want using the card as long as your account has what you want to spend.

If you are one of those who fear the internet, open a new bank account and connect it to PayPal account and start enjoying the lucrative online business. Before depositing any huge cash try to do small transactions online for some time until you get confidence. You will have unique products and you be able to keep up with technology. I prefer debit card because unlike credit card. Debit card can only be used when your bank account has an equivalent of what you want to spend.

There several other methods but paypal is the most secure and is recognized internationally. Paypal is the 2nd most used medium of payment; the first being credit card and third one debit card.

The reason why this is a must have tool is because, some of the income you will earn can only be paid via paypal

3. Money making Knowledge.

If you search for opportunities using Google, The opportunities you will get will make you poorer than richer; there are so many scams around and you have to be very careful. If you are a new person, i recommend that you join Wealthy affiliate University. They train you right away from designing a site, hosting it, using it to make money and several other internet techniques that even the most famous internet experts have not heard of. They will charge you $1 to join but it is worth it. I highly recommend this site for beginners and experienced online income seekers.


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