Start making money online now

Three easy steps you need to start making money online.

• Website
• Income Sources
• Advertise your website

Before we start, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are stuck in any of the procedures given below.

1. A website

This might sound difficult but to be honest it is the simplest part, you need the following to start with.

Website Content

This is the information you need to pass to people using the website, this needs to be high quality data which must be unique and not copied from another website. The nature of internet business is in such a way that, if you copy other websites content, your website is likely to be blacklisted and banned from the income generating opportunities. You can start to offer advice on topics that are constant to reduce regular updating and to preserve your time. For instance if you open a job listing website, you have to make sure that you update at least twice a month, News website updates are on a daily basis etc.

Web hosting Account and a domain name

This is the only investment you will make in this business; I have tried to look for the cheapest web hosting company with a free domain name and several other services you will require later in advanced stage of this guide.

2. Sign up for ad revenue sources

This is one of the one income generating sources and it is a must have for your website.

This is how it works.

• You put adverts on your website

• Every time a person clicks on these ads, you will earn 0.01 to 2 dollars or even more
depending on the bidding price.

• If your website can get 1000 visitors per day and 100 visitors click on the adverts, you will
earn over 10 Euros that day, so when your website becomes popular, you can make
hundreds or even thousands Euros.

A Simple Illustration Based on estimates

No of visitors
Estimated Clicks
Estimated income in Euros





The challenge here is how to get that number of visitors to your website. There are several ways of achieving this, Remember no one knows that you have a website until you speak out; the methods below will help you communicate to people with interest of what you are marketing.

3. Online Advertising

Remember I mentioned of some advanced features that we were to use at a later stage. When you buy web hosting space for your website at a cost of Us dollars 1.99 (Kshs 150) per month from this cheap yet reliable hosting company , you will get a free domain name for your website e.g. www.yourwebsitename.com plus free online advertising vouchers as follows.

• Google advertising vouchers worth $25 Claim Now
• Yahoo advertising vouchers worth $25 Claim Now
• MIVA advertising vouchers worth $50 Claim Now

That is a total of $100/= or 10,000 visitors to your website if you use the rate of $0.01 per visitor, use the table above to check how much you can make just by going for this host.

Due to high demand for their cheap, reliable and high quality services, I recommend that you take the 3 years hosting plan which will total to $71.64 since you want to start a business and you don’t want the prices to be change later and affect your income, look for cash and go for 3 years hosting and forget about web hosting expenses for some time.

This is a secret I have not revealed to many people but i have reveal it to you today. You will buy the hosting space for less $50 for two years and in return you will get advertising vouchers worth $100 and you can host any number of websites you want.

This is a very powerful service that many people are not familiar with. It simply means setting up an advertising campaign with a reputable advertising company. The company then pays website owners some money when they put these adverts on their websites and people either visit their websites or click on these adverts depending on the arrangement between the two parties.

The following are some of the advertising companies I have tried and would recommend to you.
My best six best one to use is Google Adwords, yahoo (YPN) , MSN’s (Adcenter) Adbrite and bidvertiser.

Use the vouchers you obtained from the hosting company to open a new advertising account.

Offline Advertising

This involves newspapers, banners, message boards etc. You can also employ sales people to do the marketing since is a business just like any other business.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Most of you are not programmers so don’t want to scare you with web design terms. If you want more information about this, please visit www.seo-centro.com

4. Online Payments

How and where to buy online

You are only buying two services from 2 companies which are well known and recognized for their quality customer support and reliability.

Webhostingpad.com – For a hosting account for your website so that you can take the advantage of the free $100 worth vouchers, I have transacted with this company using my debit card and I can guarantee you that they are secure and reliable. I don’t know whether they have started to offer PayPal services but trust me it is secure to transact with them online using a debit or credit card.

For those who only would prefer buying online using PayPal over the methods I have explained below, you can buy your hosting space from Startlogic Hosting, they also market leaders and although slightly expensive than IPage.comIpage.com they have excellent support, are reliable and offer world class services. The only difference is that you will get vouchers totaling $75 instead of $100.

• Google – Advertising credits after you have used the first free $25 from them – One of the world leaders in advertising, if you have ever bought something online, I am sure you will be comfortable to deal with a big company than the small un-established ones. I have spent thousands of dollars on Google advertising and it is one of the companies I always prioritize, I only look for other options if these don’t have the service I want.

How to buy online

You need to have either a credit card or a Debit card (ATM Card) to be able to buy online. In Kenya I have been using my co-op bank ATM card and my friend uses National Bank ATM card. Am not sure about other banks but I know most of them have not blocked this service. It is very easy to open a bank account in Kenya so I don’t expect that to be a problem if you are 18 years and above, more so; it is better to dedicate all online transactions to one account so that you only deposit money when you want to use the account especially before you get the courage to buy online.

Details required from your card when buying online

o Your Name as it appears on your card.
o Card Number – please note this is different from you account number and all of it or part of it
is on both sides of your card.
o Your card Expiry Date.
o Your card’s CCV number, Please note this is not your pin/secret number, it is simply the last
3 digit on the back side of your card and they are often referred to as
o Your Postal address as was given when opening the account.

If you give all the above details correct when transacting online, you have what it takes to
buy online and also to start a simple online business.


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