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If you do not buy your hosting space from any of the 3 hosting companies given below, It is probably because you do not want it or you cannot buy online..... Learn how to buy online Here


1. Offer of the year: Web hosting for THREE YEARS years at $ 71.64
or $1.99 per month. and you get ( $100 Income ) in form of ad Vouchers, Click Here


hosting space, bandwidth, domains, email accounts, databases, ftp accounts)
(Website builder, 24 hours support, free domain name, Hassle free , no hidden costs, no set-up fees )
30 days money back guarantee

and most beautiful; Your money Refunded in form of advertising vouchers as follows; Google( $25) , Yahoo( $25), MIVA ($50) .

WHY NO 1: You spend $71.64 to cover 3 years and you get a total vouchers worth $ 100, put adsense on your website and get back your $100 as $ 200 or more if your website is well optimized.... Plus you make your website popular at the same time...

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2. Flexibility In Payment

Hostgator at 7.95 payable monthly or Hosting24 at 7.84 payable monthly

Hosting24 Review

Register New Domain for free (it's free!) or you can use an existing domain
web hosting packages:
  • Hosting Plan "Silver" - $4.84/mo
  • Hosting Plan "Gold" - $7.84/mo
  • Reseller Plan "Starter" - $14.84/mo
  • Reseller Plan "Business" - $24.84/mo
Billing Cycle
Payment Cycle Monthly Price Total Payment
  • Pay Every Month $7.84 $7.84
  • Pay Every 3 Months $7.54 $22.62
  • Pay Every 6 Months $7.24 $43.44
  • Pay Every 12 Months $6.84 $82.08
  • Pay Every 24 Months $5.84 $140.16
  • Pay Every 36 Months $4.84 $174.24
Hosting24 Order page (Click Here) or Features page ( Click Here )

3. Features

Startlogic Hosting - Although the above web hosts are the best both for small, middle and large businesses, They do not support or Windows web Hosting, That is why we have give startlogic the 3 postion because it is features rich, I am sy-ure Windows hosting not very popular but for those who still want to use it... Startlogic will not let you down,Startlogic will host any type of website for you. More Details

Getting A free domain or Cheap Domain

The first step in getting a website is obtaining a domain name or website name that will be used to identify either your company or your products. You can get your free domain below or you can get a cheap domain at a cost of $4 per year.

Getting a free domain.

Getting a cheap domain name from 1 and 1


Getting a Domain name at a cost of $15

If you prefer a domain name together with your web hosting account, you can get it from Hostgator at the following rates, This is how you can get a $13 website.

Get a free domain name. $ 0.00
Pay set up fee of $ 5.00
Get monthly web hosting space at a cost of $ 8.95
A free website creator is an added feature from Hostgator : $ 0.00
TOTAL $13.00

Plus free advertising vouchers if you get hosting space from hostgator



Hostgator most popular plan for only $7.95 per month payable monthly.

Hostgator Web Host Features and Reviews

If you want a website, it is very easy and affordable to get it now and you can pay the hosting charges monthly, Hostgator has pocket friendly web hosting plans, excellent features, world class support, name it.

The following are just some of the features makes hostgator the best web hosting in the market.

Easy to use service and Cheap web hosting plans

It doesn’t matter who you are, whether web hosting is new to you or you are an experienced web designer Hostgator has designed their service in an easy way that any person can understand, and almost any person who knows how to use the internet can get the concept. This is a world class host that has helped people get what they have sought for a long time. “Affordable, reliable, and flexible web hosting with excellent user support”

Data and Website Security

Hostgator uses only the highest quality hardware and up-to-date software, your data is protected by RAID disk arrays. And to sum it up a full backup of your account is generated every week. Your whole website with your files are stored away in a safe place. You will never lose your website and the data in it in case of anything.

Reliable and fast Web servers

This is a must know about Hostgator, They have created unique very reliable software that fixes 99% of server problems automatically without human interaction. This means that your website will never be down at any single second! Your website loads in seconds and the access speed can only be affected by your internet service provider.

Free website builder

Thinking of employing a web designer, forget it if you host with Hostgator, they will give you an easy to use tool that has any type of a website template you think of, all you need is to prepare your website content and paste it in to a notepad for transfer to the relevant pages of the template, You need no design skills to get a website if you host with hostgator.

As you will notice from our web hosting reviews, you can get cheap web hosting for as little as $1.99 per month but what matters is are you willing to pay for the number of years they budget for you. At Hostgator you are given; monthly web hosting plans, 3 months web hosting plans, 6 months web hosting plans, etc. It is up to you to select what you want depending on your budget.

Compare Hostgator with the other Web Hosts we have reviewed - Click Here


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