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Types of websites, how to design and where to host them.

Web hosting
These types of websites include the following among others

How to design an interractuive website such as online dating website, Jobs website, social networking website, E-learning website etc.
  • Recommended programming languages are Php and Asp.net
  • Complete solution can be bought at Pilot Group
  • Hosting company is startlogic as discussed below.
  • Outsourced web design services can be obtained at pilot group.
  • Online Demonstration of any of the above websites can be found at PGjobsitepro.
  • Trial of any of the above types of website can be found at pilotGroup
  • You can also contract freelance services at Getafreelacer.com or Elance.com
  • Web design Software. The best in the market is xsite Professional but at the momment the software cannot design interactive websites, It is suitable for all other types of websites and it includes features such as Form design, SEO, Over 100 templetes, very slick templates (example Rimsite.info) integrated publishing, Web design for nursery school kids and non IT people.

The best company for hosting Interactive and Dynamic Website design.

This type of website is usually designed using ASP.net or PHP language. The web hosting company must therefore be able to host the this type of website. If you are an experienced web designer,you must be aware of this but if you are buying a website or you have contracted someone to design a site for you, you need to be very careful when selecting the web hosting company. If you are not sure, I would recommend you host with a company that can support several languages such as startlogic.

We have selected startlogic as the host because the web hosting company can host all the types websites we have discussed above.

Store Files Securely Online

Online file storage is an important part of owning and managing a website, or even general Internet usage as a whole. There are many places you can store your files depending on the purpose, the type of file, and the duration you need the file to be kept for. The wide variety of online file storage services available online ensure that no matter what you need, the service is always available and usually free.

One form of file storage is You Send It, hosted at yousendit.com . You Send It allows you to send an email with a large file attached for free and even without registration to any email address you require. This is a good way to ensure safe and fast file transfer. You Send It will also host the file on their website for 7 days. This is naturally a good method to not only store files but transfer them as well.

There are also many conventional online storage systems available such as Box, hosted at box.net . Like most standard online storage systems, Box allows users to upload various files into their online database which can then later be accessed and downloaded from anywhere in the world via the internet. Also, you can set up sharing folders to collaborate with anyone you wish to, as well as edit documents and photos online. Standard online storage systems like Box are an idea method to store files securely online.

Another form of file storage which only pertains to image files would be using photo hosting websites such as Flickr or Imageshack. These sort of online file storage allows you to upload your images and even organize them into a directory or photo album which can be access and viewed by anyone on the internet.

A more common form of online file storage without needing to register for any website would be to simply use your email address. Sending yourself an email with a file attachment allows you to keep the file in your inbox for as long as you need. However, the limitations of email, such as a maximum attachment size and inbox size may affect your file storage needs. Nevertheless, it is a feasible, simple and quick method for storing files securely online.

You can also simply host your files on your personal website if you have one. Often, web hosting packages come with extra web space which can simply be used to host your files online for no additional cost at all. This option is again a simple option with no extra registration needed.

There are many options to choose from when needing to store files securely online. Picking the right option in order to cater to the specific file hosting need that you have is important. A simple Google search should turn up the answers to any possible online file storing questions that you
Web hosting

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