The Importance of a Good Web Host


The Importance of a Good Web Host

Whether you are running a business, private blog, affiliate marketing scheme, fansite, or any other conceivable type of website, picking a good web host is often described as the first step towards success. With a good web host, the entire process of getting your website up and about is simplified; without a good web host, the problems that your fledgling website will encounter are multiplied many-fold. The advantages of using a good web host are plenty.

First of all, a good web host provides 24 hour customer service and technical help. While this may not seem like an important factor when considering web hosting, especially if you think that you'll be sleeping for at least 8 of those 24 hours anyway. However, when your website goes down in the middle of the night for over consumption of bandwidth or any other reason, a good web host can get your website back up and running quickly, no matter if it is 3am in the morning. As you can probably tell, any downtime in a website can severely affect business, income and traffic. For a business oriented website, or even other not-for-profit sites, having a 24 hour customer service available is, by far, the most important factor when choosing a good web host.

A good web host allows you to subscribe to plans which are "scale-able" or upgradeable. This is important when picking a suitable hosting package for your budding website as it allows you to adapt your hosting plan to the needs of your website as it grows. Letting you upgrade the space and bandwidth available lets you fine tune the costs of running you website so that you do not waste unnecessary money on the upkeep of the domain. It also ensures that your website will not be left high and dry should your needs exceed the capacity of your fixed plan.

The hardware quality of good web hosts also makes a critical difference in the impression your website has on its visitors. The difference between a T3 and T2 connection is highly obvious to the conscientious user. The quality of the servers also makes a difference in the loading speed of your website. Choosing a good web host with minimal server downtime and high bandwidth with a fast connection can often result in an increase in web traffic. Too often websites miss out on many visitors because the page isn't loading fast enough, this is a significant worry for any website, especially business related ones.

These are just some issues on the surface that reflect the importance of picking a good web host. Picking a lousy web host and transferring hosts later on is a tedious and tiresome process. Choosing a quality web host at the start can help you avoid many of the pitfalls faced by other new websites. Good web hosts have the solid community and experience to help make the setting up of your website as smooth and easy as possible. Many of my clients use ipower and blue host and Startlogic are examples good web hosts.

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Web Hosting at Colleges - Educational Uses and Social Communities

Most colleges these days offer free web hosting to their students under their college website domain- a sub-domain. This is especially useful to students who need to set up their own websites but lack either the tools or finances to host it elsewhere. The college also builds up its online presence and obtains another valuable source of information.

Colleges and universities usually have vast amounts of space on their websites and generally are taken to be reputable and a credible source of information. Seeing a college domain in the URL of any website can let visitors know that the information in the website that they are viewing is approved and hosted by the school. This in turn creates a sense of reliability and accuracy for the website itself. This alone is a huge benefit to any websites hosted by colleges.

Having your website hosted by colleges also gives you free access to a top end web host and hosting package. The web host your college employs likely has high up time, 24 hours customer service as well as high bandwidth limits. While this may not directly impact you as someone who hosts his website on the school domain, it does mean that your website is not likely to suffer from high down times or get taken off line due to over consumption of bandwidth.

Also, placing your website on the college servers gives you a ready-made set of audience and traffic for your newly founded website. College students and alumni all surf the college website frequently, placing your website on this server can allow you to harness the traffic from the college site. Although this is usually not a significantly large demographic, it is nonetheless a good start for any budding web page owner.

However, it does not mean that by hosting your website on your college server it always a good thing. For one, your URL becomes significantly harder to remember and type. This may not seem like an important constraint, but it does limit the uses of college web hosting primarily to informative websites rather than for business, affiliate marketing, and perhaps even blogging. Having a long URL with a sub-domain and a domain will make it harder for people to remember the website address.

Furthermore, with the limits imposed by school regulations it is often difficult to host your website on college servers. Apart from informative websites, many other websites are prohibited from using college resources to host. Business websites or blogs are often considered inappropriate material for college resources, not to mention other forms of more illicit websites.

Nevertheless, using college resources for web hosting of websites may not be the most suitable for all forms of web pages, it is still a viable option for those who wish to do so. If you have a college approved website which you need to host, try using web hosting at colleges first before changing over to a paid service if needed. After all, college resources are still free.

Hosting for Social Networks

Social networks have a unique hosting requirement. They need huge amounts of bandwidth to support the large amount of multimedia being shared in the network, as well as a vast amount of web space needed to host the various pictures, videos and text documents that belong on each user's profile page. This is mainly the unique requirement that social networks have. Another special need that social network websites have is that they have a high tendency to lag due to high latency. This is because of the large amount of bandwidth leaving the web server at any one time. Thus, when picking a web host for social networks, it is vital to keep these in mind before you select a web host.

Selecting a web host with a high bandwidth is vital. It is likely that you will not be able to find any web host that has such high bandwidth normally, you probably will have to get a special arrangement or special web hosting plan for you social network website. Having a high bandwidth cap is of utmost concern, you do not want your users to start leaving your network in droves when it goes down in the middle of the month due to a capped bandwidth. This is the same for the latency. Keeping the latency low by using a fast connection and low bandwidth is vital to keeping your website lag free. A common problem with most social networking websites is that it is very slow to load. This not only makes your visitors lose patience but it also hurts your advertising and other media that you need to show on the website.

A huge web space is not too difficult to find. There are various web hosts which even offer up to 1 TB of web space for you to use. With such a huge webs pace, backup is of paramount concern as any server crash can literally destroy your entire social networking site in an instant. Of course, having a large web space is needed to provide the space for your users to upload their files, photos, comments, and videos to your website. This can help increase the popularity of your website. Of course, a good content management system is vital to any website of this scale. Picking a good content management system such as Joomla can help you arrange and organize the huge amount of data in your website easily and quickly.

Ultimately, picking your web host for a website of this scale is of utmost importance. Any error in doing so can not only compromise your entire social network endeavor, but also cost you a large sum of money. There are many potential web hosts that you can use, all that matters is for you to pick one. However, pick wrongly and the consequences can be unthinkable. Use the above pointers to help you choose a suitable and functional web host. This can just bring your social networking website over to success. Good Examples are Blue Host and Startlogic

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